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Homes or MAS, the law and you! – Accommodation, accommodation (501)


Depending on your autonomy or the care your disability requires, you have the choice between host homes and specialized homes. Below is an update on the legal provisions relating to each type of accommodation.


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You can be admitted to a residential center if you are over 16 years old and your application for admission has been accepted by COTOREP (Commission for orientation and outplacement). In addition to accommodation, you can benefit from medical supervision, medical and psychological support, and awakening activities. It is interesting to know that some homes are linked to a work center for the disabled.

Internship or day reception

Two solutions are proposed to you, the boarding school or the reception of day. If you are staying in a boarding school, you will live in a structure that includes medical support and non-compensatory activities (home). In boarding of week, lodging and food will be assured, but you will have to spend the week-end with your family. The house-housing system offers accommodation alone. This is the reception formula generally used by people who have a professional activity. Day reception is possible within certain limits. Accommodation costs are at your expense or, failing that, at the expense of social assistance if you are without resources or if your resources are insufficient. Your family is not required to participate in these fees. You contribute to the costs according to your resources and the accommodation formula.

Admission, and way of life

For any application for admission, you must complete and return to the COTOREP forms Cerfa No. 612344 and No. 61-2280. The opinion of the COTOREP is essential to the establishment corresponding best to your needs. You keep the choice of the establishment. If you want to know the amount of your financial participation and obtain information on the calculation of your participation, please contact the Departmental Directorate of Health and Social Affairs (DDASS). Exemption from accommodation expenses, in the event of absence from the home during the long holidays. If you are placed in a shelter, you can claim, possibly after the opinion of the COTOREP, the housing allowance and the compensatory allowance. Also know that a minimum of money must always be left at your disposal.

The financial aspect

The costs of care and accommodation are fully covered by social security. The allowance for adults with disabilities (AAH) is reduced upon admission, you only collect 12% of its monthly amount (438.54 F or 66.85 euros since January 1, 2001). This percentage is increased according to your family situation. Attention, it is an important point regarding the amount of the allowance: after 45 days spent in the specialized reception house the amount of the AAH is reduced. However, after payment of the hospital fee, you will keep the 12% of the monthly amount of the allowance.