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There are games through which children will have fun and at the same time make a constructive use of their time.

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It is not easy to keep the kids busy for a long time when they are forced to stay at home, at the weekend, after school, on a rainy day or on vacation. And yet there are computers and television, activities and games through which children will have fun and at the same time will make a constructive use of their time. Here goes:

It’s good for kids to learn a few things about cooking. Sifting, kneading, molding will make them fun. Toast, cakes, biscuits, pizza, they liked, so he picked up recipes and made preparations with them.

If you know how to dance, you can put the music they like and learn the steps of a dance, as well as basic moves that will be used at a party. Exercise with them, which can be repeated, will make you both fun.

Remember the handicrafts you made of being a child, and learn how to make paper airplanes or boats, greeting cards, and small gifts, such as jewelry boxes, candlesticks, and so on.

You can also play games like the treasure hunt. Hide various items throughout the house. Make a list of what you’ve hidden and give the signal to start hunting … You can play both pantomime and hide-and-seek, but also games of a kind of shouting.

Make an improvised setting and play a puppet show, karagiozis, why not a short theatrical performance. Learn to play potty or simple tricks of magic, for example. how to eliminate and reopen another currency.

You can also carry out scientific experiments together, for example, making a volcano of pressed paper, which will make it explode with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

Finally, you can play table tennis or do Swedish gymnastics, but also practice some martial arts moves. So make sure you enjoy the time you share with your child.