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Insure or glean that it can act as a trap for your blast, and especially enjoy the moments of its growing

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Your little one has just begun to make his first steps, and literally … he flatters inside the house, mostly bullying and stumbling, as he has not yet found his balance, causing you constant anxiety because you fear he will escape your attention and fall or trick somewhere or pull a plug.

Calm down and realize that babies and children can fall easily, but they will get up even faster. What you can do is to provide, adjusting as much as possible the space in which your sprout moves to its needs.

To avoid carobs from falling off for example from the bed or the couch, make sure you never leave it alone when sitting on such a surface as it moves fast and can change position at any time and roll down in fractions of a second. It is better to change it on the floor rather than leave it unattended.

It goes without saying that if there are small furniture or other sharp-edged corners near the bed or sofa, it is good either to remove them or to protect the corners. So make sure the furniture is firm and there is no danger of it turning up, or being screwed up where it can not reach its hand. Fix the TV high, or screw it in. In the end, he used a fixed room divider that you think is dangerous to approach the baby.

In any case, cover the plugs with the special protectors so that they do not put their hands in, secure the cables as best you can.

Also, secure the cabinets, where you have detergents and so on, or the drawers, where you keep medicines and so on. Locked or sealed windows and balcony doors that are accessible to the child, removing furniture that makes it climb. On the glass doors, he stuck large stickers to understand that we are not passing through them.

Put a protector on the balcony to prevent it from passing through the rails.

If your house has a ladder, put obstacles in the first and the last step so that it can not climb or descend.

In the bathroom, he puts non-slip mats and suction cups and makes sure the child is sitting instead of standing. In general, he insured or gathered that he can act as a trap for your little one, and he especially enjoyed the moments of his grooming.