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New 2012: 23 videos to develop your home – Videos to adapt your home (5247)

Image result for develop your home“Better living at home”: 23 videos that provide disabled people with all the tips for home improvement. It’s on, and nowhere else! An online video every Wednesday, starting September 26, 2012.

It’s been ten years since informs you and accompanies you. To advise you on the adaptation of the home, he had to “take an extra step”. It’s done with 23 unreleased video clips. “Better Living at Home” is the title of this new series that is full of tips and tricks to make the home of people with disabilities accessible and comfortable.

Octologis, the adapted sample flat

It is within Octologis that most sequences were shot. This adapted show apartment, initiative of our partner CRIAS-Better Living, is housed in a standard building. It is open to visitors and allows disabled users and their families to come and test, in each living room, the facilities and technical aids that will allow them to compensate for situations of dependency.

Professional expertise

Although each situation is unique and requires individualized expertise, our “Mieux vivre chez soi” series offers valuable leads, with the help of two occupational therapists and accessibility advice. These seasoned professionals will accompany you as you visit. Each piece is sifted, sometimes with a focus on a specific layout: indoor and outdoor access, toilets, bathroom, grab bars … A clip is also dedicated to the facilities recommended in case of sensory impairment. At your screens! 23 situations told in pictures, and only a few minutes to gain autonomy …

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