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Superfamily’s new music video “Pay The Price” is the first single from their upcoming album.

Superfamily to let:

– A song about impatience, oppressed concerns and choices that bring immediate pleasure, but then suffering; the superstition that lies in believing that one is willing to take the consequences of their immediate incidents, says Superfamily in a press release.

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The rest of the press release is enjoyable reading:

Lack of patience and lack of ability to predict consequences has proven to be a characteristic of Superfamily. Their experience with the music industry shows that this is a band it’s very difficult to collaborate with. The members are determined to pursue their immediate ideas, which their former partners have painfully experienced; Superfamily had to break his record because of. “Personal differences”, their publisher jumping off the carriage when the band demanded that tyrant Kim Jong-il should mark the back of an album cover and various managers have fled the ship in turn. It has also not helped the band go into spontaneous word war with concert organizers publicly, requires specialists in internal medicine backstage when they get hypokonder attacks and that they call journalists on the private to claim justification for reviews. In addition, they believe that there are so many myths and mistakes that prevail in the music industry, that on a general basis they prefer to only cooperate with people who have nothing to do with the music industry.

The consequence of this speciality is of course that Superfamily had to launch its own record company, Das Surgeon. This was the only opportunity for Superfamily to continue with reality-confusing but catchy pop and to hold the peculiar concerts they live for. The price they have to pay is of course loneliness in the music industry, a bit more work and greater financial risk. According to the band, however, running a record company is a disappearing small and simple job compared with being a band; one only needs the spreadsheet program excel, play 3-4 event concerts a year (prostitution) to raise money as well as send an email to gramo to register

After a long time of unsuccessful trials of manufacturers characterized by “personal differences”, Superfamily finally found its perfect match: Yngve Sætre (DumDum, Kaizers, John Olav Nilsen, etc.). For the first time in the career, the band has played together on recordings with full crew (live in studio), instead of recording one and one track. The band feel this gives is a big difference from their previous album, and provides the best foundation for Superfamily’s biggest goal: to play confusing and amazing concerts.

Superfamily Warzava

I recommend Superfamily’s second album Warazawa (2007). Disc contains unprecedented cuts, here’s an example, the radio “The Radio Has Expressed Concerns About What You Did Last Night”.


Stein Haukland wrote the following in Mute on Back in Paris (2005): “The band is rolling back and forth, from headstroke’s new way of life in Shut Up and Cry, via a tubular cabaret penguin on Windows and over to the No-Wave in Love’n Bones .” The references range from Soft Cell and Duran Duran to Blur, Ian Dury and XTC; archbishop, pompous synthpop and discopunk. “” From typical sweet-filled synthpop hedonism, the album slides into darker, gloomier territories, while the band constantly retains the character of play curiosity and seriousness. “


Jørgen Hegstad of Lydverket wrote the following about Guns Tonight (2009): “It sounds cool, dry and complex, and in this sound image, Mossingene has found a new type of depth and input to songwriting, which makes them a band with a much longer life than their Earlier, almost novelty-seeking hit focus could signal ‘. ” Guns Tonight is Superfamily’s best album so far, where they take good time, cool down the soundtrack and come out like a bandage where, despite the dystopian themes, they are facing a bright future.”

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