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The Portuguese coastal towns are officially recognized with their local culture, heritage and traditions. A world-famous tourist fair, recognized the Portuguese West Coast in terms of “the best cities, communities and culture.” Here are also some of the beautiful coastal cities of Portugal:


Cascais is a city that is recognized for its seaside location. The history of the city began as a sea fishing center but later became popular among the richest families in the country and even attracted international aristocrats seeking a holiday spot. Today, Cascais is a charming resort town that demonstrates its maritime and rich past and attracts visitors looking for a day or weekend outside of Lisbon. Cascais is also home to fantastic traditional restaurants.


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One of Nazare’s biggest claims for glory is his reputation for the enormous sea waves that attract the most adventurous surfers, such as the legendary Garrett McNamara, the Guinness World Guinness World Record, for a 30-meter surfer surf. This is not the only reason to visit Nazareth. The town is one of the most important fishing villages in the country. Colorful boats decorate the shore and you can still see how fishermen clean the fresh catch of the day. While you are in town, watch women walking in the streets in traditional clothing, characterized by several layers of skirts designed to keep them warm while waiting for the beach returning fishermen.

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Obidos is a beautiful city surrounded by its authentic medieval walls and one of the highlights is the unique city gate with iconic mosaic. It is characterized by narrow cobbled streets, white houses decorated with beautiful flowers, and a Moorish castle from the 8th century turned into a luxury hotel. You are a city that is sealing in the memory of everyone who has visited it.


The story of Sintra is reflected in every incredible mansion, palace and exotic garden that together decorate the landscape. There is also a medieval city center, narrow cobbled paths with traditional cafes, restaurants and homes. Once the city is a preferred choice of royal families in Portugal for relaxation and rest, it is now a popular tourist attraction and a charming place to live for those who want to be near Lisbon without actually being in the capital.

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Penishe is not just a Portuguese fishing town with a magnificent beach. Local culture includes the production of handmade antique lace. Especially interesting is the fortress Penishe, built in the 16th century. It is a museum that tells of the time when it was used as a prison for political prisoners. There is also a fortress of the 17th century, a beautiful place located on an island just off the coast. Also known as Berlin, it is a nature reserve and a popular diving spot.

Ponta Delgada


Ponta Delgada is the capital of the Azores. Characterized by white buildings with dark stones (from volcanic rocks used in construction) and surrounded by green scenery on one side and brilliant blue ocean on the other hand, this is a picturesque city where you can spend an interesting day. Visit the city’s 18th-century harbors at one end of the city’s main square and then enter the city to see more of the local heritage. The Church of Saint Sebastian is an excellent example of local architecture.



Many tourists like to visit the capital of Madeira Funchal, but have you heard of Santana? In this wonderful city you can find the remarkable traditional houses called Casas Típicas de Santana. Shaped like triangles, these houses are built of stone and covered with straw roofs. Do you like to dance? Santana is where you will find one of the most popular folk festivals on the island that is held annually in July.

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Viana to Castelo


Viana do Castelo is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal. This is an excellent city for exploring palaces, monasteries and museums. It is also one of the best cities to buy jewelry, as it is the place where the Portuguese gold filigree was produced. One of the most remarkable accents is the visit of the Santuário de Santa Luzia, a 20th century Byzantine Revival church, located on the top of the hill, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the ocean.


This list will not be complete without mentioning Algarve and one of the most beautiful cities of Lagos. The historic center and scenic sea rocks are the two distinctive features that make this destination outstanding. Spend the city walls of the 16th century and visit Igreja de Santo António, a beautiful church that boasts its incredible Baroque style. Lagos is also the place where many expeditions have begun during the Renaissance and you can learn more about this historic period at the local museum.

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