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The different types of home – Accommodation, accommodation (500)

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Primarily intended for the elderly or single, young workers, migrant workers … etc, they can also accommodate physically disabled people to the extent of accessibility and architectural adaptations.

There are two types of homes :

  • the classic housing home grouping together dwellings in the same set of buildings,
  • and the ” sun ” home whose dwellings are distributed in buildings around a central hearth.

This operation is widely used in the world of disability in the form of apartment springboard. All of these units have common services.


At the end of the day and at the end of the week, they welcome people with disabilities who work either in a sheltered work establishment, or in an ordinary environment or in a vocational rehabilitation center. They are often attached to a help center by Labor or a functional rehabilitation center.

Homes of life

They are intended for adults with disabilities who have a certain autonomy not justifying their admission to a Specialized Home, without being able to work even in a protected environment but who have sufficient autonomy to engage in relaxation activities. and personal development.
These households implement medico-social support adapted to the state of the people they receive. Orientation to one of them falls within the competence of COTOREP. These homes are created at the initiative of the departments. The cost of accommodation is primarily the responsibility of the person accommodated and any overruns at the expense of social assistance.

Dual tariff homes

For adults with severe disabilities (FDT) To meet the needs of adults with severe disabilities, it was decided in 1986 to set up an experimental program to create dual-fueled homes. They are so called because of their funding method supported by both the health insurance and the department. The health insurance covers the part intended to cover the permanent care required by the dependents, and in particular the medical staff, the expenses attributable to the medical care and the depreciation of the medical equipment. People living in these homes need constant medical supervision and care. The price of the day is the responsibility of the department. He is arrested by the president of the general council according to the care package. People living in these homes are usually severely impaired physically or mentally. It is the COTOREP which notes the state of dependence. These people, who are unfit for any professional activity, need a third person for all the essential acts of life such as feeding, washing, going to the toilet, getting dressed … These homes also provide maintenance rehabilitation. .

Specialized Reception House (MAS)

You can be admitted if you are over 16 years old and unable to take care of the essential acts of everyday life: dressing, washing … if your condition requires medical supervision and constant care, or if you have obtained a favorable opinion from COTOREP. Two forms of reception and accommodation will be proposed to you: the boarding school and the reception of day and temporary reception within certain limits. It is the COTOREP that decides the most suitable form of reception and regularly reviews your situation. Beware, the host house must have at least one doctor, a state-certified nurse and must call on specialists.